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Step 3: Put together an action plan for the year


Put together an action plan for the year to help you decide what projects/events you want to do, how you will go about them (including maintenance plans), how they will make a difference to your environment and also how to fund the projects. Carry out a survey of the area to identify strengths and weaknesses and put together an action plan of what projects you want to do round your entry. e.g. site clearance, litterpicking, permanent planting schemes, production or purchase of plant containers, hanging baskets, recycling projects. Remember to take “before” and “after” photographs of any projects/events that will be useful to include in your future “In Bloom” portfolio, which will be shown to the judges as part of the judging tour. This action plan can be in the form of a yearly planner tied into local and national events allied to the criteria and should demonstrate all year round commitment. Consider concentrating your efforts on the following areas:

  • Main entrances to the town/village/Neighbourhood

  • Surrounds of any Public Buildings

  • Front gardens in residential areas

  • Environmental Quality

  • Public gardens and amenity areas

  • Conservation and sustainability

  • Highway features

  • Litter problems

  • Verges and reservations

  • Incidence of graffiti

  • Churchyards

  • Shops and commercial premises

  • Playing fields and sports grounds

  • Hotels and Public Houses

  • Allotments

  • Hospitals and residential Homes

  • Town/Village centre

  • Industrial Premises

  • Energy conservation and Recycling

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