C1a Small Village              (1-300)

  1b Village                         (301-1000)

  1c Large Village               (1001-2,500) 

C2 URBAN COMMUNITY  (0- 25,000)       
C3a  SMALL TOWN            (2,501-6,000)

   3b TOWN                         (6,001-12,000)

   3c  LARGE TOWN            (12,001-35,000)

​C4a  SMALL CITY                (35,001-100,K)  

  4b CITY                              (100,001 +)        

   4c BID/TOWN/CITY CENTRE ONLY           

C5a COASTAL                      (12,000 and less)  

   5b COASTAL                      (12,001 and above) 

C6 PARKS, PUBLIC GARDENS & CEMETERIES Friends of groups for parks, small spaces, cemeteries, churchyards, Hospitals, HM Prisons, Public Buildings and gardens etc.          

C7 IT’S YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD  This category is aimed at small, resident led communities just starting out on enhancing their environment using the campaign as a catalyst. Free  
imed at past entrants and first time entrants                                                                   


C10 Charitable Establishments - Including non for profit entries  
 B1 Small Businesses Include Shops/ pubs and restaurants and guest houses

B2 Medium Businesses  Include Small/medium  hotels/residential care homes 

B3 Large Businesses  Including Large Hotels/Shopping Centres/ Caravan Sites

B4 Tourist Attractions  Including Stately Homes/ Pay on Entry Gardens

E1 HARROGATE FLOWER SHOW YOUNG PEOPLES AWARD  School Inc. after/out of School Clubs/ Learning Centre’s  This category is open to any school, youth group or group of young people under the age of 18 who have made significant contribution to improving their environment. 

E2 Universities, Colleges and Further Education Establishments Open to all further educational establishments whose grounds are maintained for the benefit of the community