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About Our Competition

Yorkshire in Bloom (CiO) is a charity incorporated organisation and is our regional body representing the RHS Britain in Bloom campaign that is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.

YiB organises annual competitions to encourage communities of whatever size; small villages, towns or a big city, to make a positive and lasting improvement to their local environment for the benefit of local people, and it is not just about planting flowers and hanging baskets. The very nature of RHS Yorkshire in Bloom encourages and develops community spirit and civic pride whilst promoting responsibility for planting, cleanliness and maintenance. This in turn can boost the local economy through increased tourism, stimulates voluntary work and cooperation between community groups, and is a means to address issues such as sustainability, recycling, minimising waste and energy conservation.


The competition is assessed by local judges on criteria developed by the RHS in consultation with the Regions. Marks are awarded and are related to standards of Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver and Bronze.

The RHS encourages all communities to get involved to help create safer, cleaner and greener local environments.

Yorkshire in Bloom holds an annual awards ceremony in September at which the awards are announced. Five of the best are then invited to represent Yorkshire in the RHS national finals in 'Britain in Bloom' the following year.

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