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Judging Guidelines for categories C1 to C5

Core Pillars of Yorkshire in Bloom

Horticultural Achievement

Environmental Responsibility

Community Participation





RHS Yorkshire in Bloom showcases environmental excellence across the region, from the smallest Village to Large Cities, it brings together communities with one common aim, to improve their environment. Judges are assigned to assess your entry against a national set of criteria, which has been developed to support both judges and entrants. To help you meet this criteria the following guidelines may be a useful reminder of what judges will be looking for. In preparation for assessment against this criteria remember that your entire tour route is subject to judging; that means what the judges see on the way from one feature stop to another as well as what they see at all the stops and as they further explore sites on foot during the tour are ALL subject to judging. Furthermore, the judges will expect that your campaign has considered your entire community not just the high street or the village square and that you, at the very least, have plans to address “problem” areas (i.e. vacant premises/plots, eyesores etc.). Finally, please also bear in mind that judges will be looking for your campaign activities to benefit your community not just for today but for the longer term.

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