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Tuesday 21st November 2017

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Feedback 2010
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As Yorkshire in Bloom are always striving to improve the campaign, the Executive felt the entries and judges should be asked for feedback. You may be aware that Yorkshire in Bloom is struggling to find new sponsors to fund the competition and with this in mind have suggested that the Annual Award Ceremony is changed to reflect this. We would be really grateful if you could complete this short questionnaire and give us your feedback on the campaign and plans for the Award Ceremony. The information supplied will be treated confidentially
Please return this by 27th August 2010 to Sue Wood, 33 Electric Avenue, New Park Harrogate HG1 2BB.  A copy will be posted on the Yorkshire in Bloom web site so it can be filled in and sent electronically
Please tick one box
Award Ceremony
Traditionally Local Authorities have funded the Yorkshire in Bloom Award Ceremony but in this economic climate there are few Local Authorities who can justify the expenditure of between £10-15,000 for one day .The majority of the cost is the food at lunchtime (approx £30 per head) and there have been several suggestions on ways to change the refreshments at the Award Ceremony. Unless we can raise a number of major sponsors the Awards ceremony format will have to change next year. We welcome any suggestions on ways to acknowledge the wonderful work done by the community groups but keep within a reasonable budget.
1) Suggestions on change of refreshment – please indicate your preference
2 course lunch
Afternoon tea
Tea/coffee and biscuits
Other (please suggest)
2) Would entries/judges be prepared to contribute to the cost of the refreshments at the Awards Ceremony?
2a) If so how much 
3) For Entries only- If you could contribute would you be more likely to send another representative?
4) For Entries only – Would you prefer the cost of the entry fee to be increased to include a place at the award ceremony rather than a separate contribution with optional further places being funded separately?
5) Do you have any other suggestions for other ways to change the Awards ceremony?
6) For Entries How was your judging experience?
6a) Do you have any comments?
7) For Judges – How was your judging experience?
7a) Do you have any comments?
8) What suggestions do you have to improve other aspects of the campaign/competition?
Many thanks for filling in this feedback form
Please return it by 27th August 2010 to Sue Wood, 33 Electric Avenue, New Park Harrogate HG1 2BB or hand it to an Executive Member
There will be a copy to download on the Yorkshire in Bloom web site www.yorkshireinbloom.co.uk


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