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Monday 11st December 2017

Britain in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood Launch Event

 You are INVITED to participate in the UK-wide LAUNCH of Britain in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood (formerly Neighbourhood Awards).

27 & 28 March 2010
Britain in Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood Launch
The concept:
The general concept we have chosen to shape the event around is “mass greening / creating a river of green” across the UK so the idea is that launch events would be centred around planting. We are hoping this will capture the press attention particularly because this can be linked into the fact that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity.
Press Launch:
The RHS will be organising a press launch a few days before the local events to announce this is happening and start generating the media buzz. In partnership with a local group, the RHS will stage a “greening event” which the press would be invited to attend.
Local Events:
The hope is that as many groups as possible hold launch events on the designated weekend so that not only can we generate some press coverage before the event but also after the event by reporting on how many plants were planted etc. In order to maximise the potential for press coverage we would need each group participating to “register” their event with us; this would be a simple matter of telling us the date, time and location of their event and providing a brief description of what they will be doing on the day. (Details of how to register will be circulated early in the New Year.)
Support for your local event:
In addition to organising the press launch, the RHS is creating support materials for all groups – finalists, region/nation in Bloom participants, Neighbourhoods – who organise a launch event on the designated dates. The support packs will include suggested ideas of what you can do on the day, general information about biodiversity, template press releases, template promotional materials (to which your event details can be added) etc.
Additional Information:
If you have any questions please contact the RHS Communities team on 020 7821 3689 or the RHS Communities Press Office 020 7821 3044 or by e-mailing stephanieeynon@rhs.org.uk or georginawebb@rhs.org.uk


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