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Tuesday 21st November 2017

Gardeners World and the Future of Local Parks

News from the RHS :  We have been asked to share two items of potential interest/engagement:


BBC Gardeners World – The BBC are looking for a year-long community project that will start in the next few weeks – please do let us know if you are interested in putting a project forward? Details below.

Future of Public Parks Inquiry Launch – the deadline for submissions is 30th September – please do let us know if you have submitted or intend to submit to this inquiry? More details below… Please accept our apologies for the very short timescales – we only received this information ourselves last week.


1. BBC Gardeners’ World community project request BBC Gardeners’ World (GW) are interested in filming community based stories that chart the aesthetic transformation of a space. They are interested in projects of any size. They want to begin filming a project that begins around mid-September 2016 and ends around October 2017. The aim is to revisit the project(s) over the year. The filming process would culminate with a final visit by Monty Don in October 2017, to see the completed project In addition to transformational community projects, GW are also interested in finding restoration projects to follow. They could be the graveyard of a much loved church or the revitalisation of an historic walled garden. Again, they’re keen to film the restoration over the course of a year with the project ideally beginning in Sept 2016 and completed in October 2017. Timescales are every short – as always seems to be the way with media opportunities!! Please do let us know if you have any projects in the pipeline that you think might be suitable and we will put you in touch with the Gardeners’ World team.


2. Future of Public Parks Inquiry Launch (final reminder) The Government announced an inquiry into public parks. The Communities and Local Government Committee is launching the inquiry into public parks to examine the impact of reduced local authority budgets on these open spaces and consider concerns that their existence is under threat. The Committee invites submission of written evidence to its website on the following issues: • Who uses parks and open spaces, how often and for what • The contribution of parks to the health and well-being of communities • The impact of reductions in local authority budgets on parks • What the administrative status of parks should be in light of declining local authority resources for non-statutory services • How new and existing parks can best be supported • What additional or alternative funding is available and what scope is there for local authorities to generate revenue from park users • What the advantages and disadvantages are of other management models, such as privatisation, outsourcing or mutualisation This inquiry presents an excellent opportunity to submit evidence of parks contributing to the health and wellbeing of communities, especially those who may be providing social prescribing services. For those who will be submitting written submissions directly to the Communities and Local Government Committee, please note that the deadline is 30 September 2016. More information available here: Inquiry. (Note some people will be submitting case studies via Tony Leach of the London Parks & Green Spaces Forum, Tony.Leach@london.gov.uk).

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