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Tuesday 21st November 2017

RHS Media Opportunities

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who haven’t met me I’m Siobhan, the new Press Officer for Communities and Education. I’ve been working in the RHS Press Office as an assistant for the past 9 months, and am very happy to be taking on this new role as I’m hugely passionate about community gardening and environmental education. I’m really excited about working with you all and can’t wait to find out more about the wonderful projects you’re all running!

If you have any media related queries please feel free to get in touch with me at siobhanmacmahon@rhs.org.uk or on 020 7821 3043

We have some exciting media opportunities at the moment so if you think you or anyone involved in Britain in Bloom or It’s Your Neighbourhood groups across the country would be suitable do get in touch.

Wildlife projects
BBC Springwatch are interested in discovering excellent wildlife gardening initiatives across the country that are brimming with wildlife and enthusiastic volunteers to film in early 2016. Whether you have an established wildlife gardening project, or you are planning to start work on one in spring 2016, please let us know:

·         Where your project is

·         How long it has been running or when it will take place

·         The purpose of the project

·         Who is involved in maintaining or using the space

·         The types of wildlife you’ve been supporting and encouraging to thrive

·         The difference the project has made or will make to the local community and environment

·         Specific spokespeople for the project

·         A couple of images of the project, especially before and after photos if possible

Please contact us with answers to these questions ASAP but no later than Sunday 6 December.

Extraordinary fundraisers

If you been involved in an unusual or impressive fundraising campaign as part of your Bloom/ IYN community gardening then we would love to hear about your enterprising adventures. We have been contacted by Saga Magazine who are doing a story about extraordinary fundraisers over the age of 60. Saga are specifically interested in speaking to people who have not been interviewed before, and are keen on finding a wife and husband team if possible.

We need to send Saga information as soon as possible so please get back to us in the next few days along with details and an image of yourself, if you are keen to share your achievements

Please be aware that because we have so many enthusiastic volunteers getting in touch we may not be able to respond to everyone who gets back to us about these opportunities. Journalists and broadcasters have constantly changing priorities so do note that participation is not guaranteed until we hear back from them with confirmation.

Inspiring stories
We’re always looking for stories of successful projects to write up as case studies so that we can showcase the excellent work our Bloom and It’s Your Neighbourhood groups have been doing recently.

Please contact me at any time by email if you are eager to tell the story of your project and I will provide you with a list of information we require to catch the eye of keen journalists.



I hope to hear from you soon.


All the very best,



Siobhan MacMahon

Press Officer
Communities and Education



Tel: 020 7821 3043


Royal Horticultural Society

80 Vincent Square






Reg charity no. 222879/SC038262


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