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Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Pocket park funding

On 7 November the Government launched a £1.5 million programme of support for communities to establish pocket parks in urban areas. The prospectus invites communities, with the support of their local authority, to make an application for up to £10,000 capital and up to £5,000 resource funding per project.  The application form and frequently asked questions can be found here:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/pocket-parks-support-for-communities-to-manage-small-green-spaces

The deadline for applications is 5:00pm on Thursday 10 December.


We are particularly interested in enabling communities living in deprived urban areas who currently have less access to green space to take the lead in improving their public space and as such we would welcome applications from urban areas where there are significantly deprived wards according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation rankings (2015).


There is no prescription on what a pocket park should look like and we welcome both innovative and traditional proposals. We are also keen to see applications from projects aiming to improve their local town centre or high street with a community green space. The aim is to increase access to good quality green space in a sustainable and community-led manner.


All support will need to be spent by the end of the 2015/16 financial year.  We appreciate the window of opportunity is short - which is why we would appreciate your help in raising awareness of the scheme and hope you will be able to disseminate this information now, amongst eligible communities and partners of whom you think this will be of interest, and who are likely to be in a position to deliver.  


Any questions please contact us at pocketparks@communities.gsi.gov.uk .


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