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Tuesday 21st November 2017


Get Your Business Blooming with Yorkshire in Bloom. As a charity, Yorkshire in Bloom depends on the generosity of its sponsors to enable and sustain this environmental campaign that brings so many benefits to the region.


Yorkshire in Bloom is delighted to announce that its latest sponsor, the North of England Horticultural Society (NEHS), will be sponsoring its 'Young People's Award' for the next three years. NEHS is a leading gardening charity supporting horticulture in the north of England and it is the organiser of the prestigious Harrogate Spring and Autumn Flower Shows held at the Great Yorkshire Showground. The 'Young People's Award' in the Yorkshire in Bloom campaign encourages young people to get involved and understand the benefits of growing food, as well as the many other aspects of enhancing their environment through planting flowers, shrubs and trees for the benefit of wildlife and their community. 

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Our sponsors are:-

Amberol Ltd     




North of England Horticultural Society ( NEHS ) www.flowershow.org.uk


Lubbe & Sons ( Bulbs )  Ltd


Print Out  Printers ltd  


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There are many ways in which businesses and organisations can offer support, and with over 200 communities in Yorkshire taking part in ‘In Bloom’ (more than any other region in Britain) your business will see many rewards from its involvement and sponsorship.

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By supporting Yorkshire in Bloom, you can be assured that your business will make the right kind of impact on the environment.

 Getting involved with ‘In Bloom’ ticks all the boxes for your Corporate Social Responsibility remit. It raises your business’ profile, establishes its green credentials and shows that you care about community in which you operate.It’s also a great way to harness the skills and talents of your workforce, and to make improvements in your neighbourhood

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Sponsorship can vary from  as little as £500 and however much you feel your company could contribute, it will be put to good use in furthering this worthwhile campaign across the region.


Jonathan Wild, Chairman of Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate Group, explained why his company supports Yorkshire in Bloom:

“We have 400 people working for us, based in this community and it’s in our interests that they have a healthy happy environment in which to live. It’s also important that they have a healthy happy environment in which to work. In Bloom is not so much about pretty flowers; it’s about the environment, it’s about reducing waste and it’s about recycling.”


 Go ahead Sponsor today and see the benefits to your community

You may wish to view the DVD shown on this page titled ‘Make it Your Business’ for further information.

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