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28th March, 2013
Dear Entrants,
Spring Judging
It is with regret that I have to inform you that the spring judging period has been cancelled.   I am aware that many of our entries are extremely concerned about the current ongoing weather conditions and that they may not have anything to show judges during this spring judging period. 
In view of this the Executive have agreed the best move is to cancel spring judging and that the Yorkshire in Bloom awards this year will be based on the summer judging only.   
To my knowledge I do not believe Yorkshire in Bloom has ever had to cancel a judging period.   The decision has not been made lightly and is based on the prolonged severe weather conditions that we are currently experiencing which have followed on from the initial possibility of a drought early last summer to flooding, snow, severe frosts and freezing easterly winds through autumn, winter and now spring. In the last 12 months gardeners all over Yorkshire have been challenged to the highest level.
I am very conscious of all the hard work that has been undertaken by all the in Bloom teams across our county; I know how much of your work makes a big impact on the communities where you live. I also understand your disappointment at this news. Though I am aware that many of you will be relieved at this decision as from feedback received many of you are deeply concerned about showing judges around.
Therefore the Executive have agreed that the spring portfolios will be your way of showing judges the work of your team throughout the autumn and winter period, the spring portfolio will be extremely helpful to the judges when they visit in the summer as it will evidence that your work is continual and ongoing. If your portfolio is not already completed then we suggest you incorporate your spring evidence into your summer portfolio. If your portfolio is already complete you can send it to your judges now.
The summer judging period is from the 1st July to the 19th July, 2013 and you may wish to contact you judges and arrange a date for their summer visit.
In light of the changes in our weather patterns over the last few years and the seemingly shift in seasons; the Executive are currently considering the feasibility of spring judging and would like to ask you for your views on this matter.
Below is a brief questionnaire, please could you complete and return it to; Trevor Hoyle, Honorary Administrator, either by email or post as soon as possible as we have an Executive Meeting on the 30th April, 2013 where we can discuss this matter more fully.
Yours sincerely,
Brendan Mowforth
Yorkshire in Bloom
It is important to Yorkshire in Bloom that we consider the views and opinions of our Entrants and Judges and ask that you complete this questionnaire and return it either by email or post to our Honorary Administrator, Trevor Hoyle, 1 Riding Head Lane, Luddenden HX2 6PT email admin@yorkshireinbloom.co.uk

Would you like to continue with Spring Judging?
If you had the option, would you like to move to a Spring assessment/mentoring visit which is not judged or marked?
Please give us your views on Spring Judging



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