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Tuesday 28th April 2015

RHS 2012 Wild Flower Launch

The RHS have included the details of next year’s Wild about Wildflowers launch in the current issue of Growing Communities, linking groups to the website to register for seeds: http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Community-gardening/Britain-in-Bloom/2012-Britain-in-Bloom-launch  (the support pack will be available shortly).
It seems like it’s a popular offering and there are already 150 sign-ups online, which is great. As with last year, we are only providing free seeds to groups that are registered in one of the campaigns.

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April 2015
 28th Signup Closed for Categories 1 to 5
 28th Signup Closed for Categories 1 to 5
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!!!Spring Judging Complete
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 23rd Summer Judging
 23rd Summer Judging

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