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Tuesday 21st November 2017

Yorkshire in Bloom - Harrogate Flower Show Young Peoples Award

Yorkshire in Bloom - Harrogate Flower Show Young Peoples Award
How can a School Enter? 
Schools can enter the Yorkshire in Bloom competition under Category 11 – Harrogate Flower Show Young Peoples Award. This category is specifically for schools, youth groups or an individual young person or group of young people under 18 years of age who have made a significant contribution to improve the local environment.
There is an entry cost of £30 and schools can submit a portfolio with their entry, detailing the work undertaken, how the site has changed, how it is used by the school and wider community and future plans.
Judges will visit the school in the summer term and tour the school for up to 45 minutes.
To enter:
Judging Criteria
Schools will be judged out of a total of 100 marks by the visiting judges. The YiB Schools judging criteria includes the following:
1.        Impact and achievements (up to 30 marks)
What effect has the creation of the garden had on the visual and environmental qualities of the school and its grounds?
2.       Planning (up to 20 marks)
Who is involved in the project and in what capacity? How is the gardening delivered in school? Which children participate and is this during curriculum time or as an extra-curricular activity.
3.        Support (up to 15 marks)
Where has support for the project been found? This could be financial contributions or volunteers enlisted for the project (either one off or regular supporters). And does the project support any other local initiatives?
4.    Knowledge of pupils (up to 20 points)
What horticultural knowledge are the children gaining from participation? Are any lessons delivered using the Outdoor facilities?
5.        Awareness of environmental issues (up to 15 points)
How sustainable is the gardening and has considerations for biodiversity being made? Does the school have water butts, composting on site, is the garden being maintained organically? Do the staff involved have the skills to continue gardening in the future? 
Editors Notes:
What is Yorkshire in Bloom:-
Yorkshire in Bloom is a charity representing the Britain in Bloom campaign that is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.
YiB organises annual competitions to encourage communities to make a positive and lasting improvement to their local environment for the benefit of local people. Bloom is not just about planting flowers and hanging baskets.
The very nature of Yorkshire in Bloom encourages and develops community spirit and civic pride whilst promoting responsibility for planting, cleanliness and maintenance. This in turn can boost the local economy through increased tourism, stimulates voluntary work and cooperation between community groups, and is a means to address issues such as sustainability, recycling, minimising waste and energy conservation.


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