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Tuesday 21st November 2017

RHS are looking for stories from “in Bloom” and It’s Your Neighbourhood (IYN) groups and RHS Affiliated Societies,

Dear RHS “in Bloom” and It’s Your           Neighbourhood (IYN) groups and RHS Affiliated Societies,
This summer we will be undertaking a big media push to get your stories and projects into newspapers and magazines, helping to shout more loudly about the fantastic work you do.
And we need your stories!
Please scan the list of themes below and let us know if there are any topics which you could provide compelling stories about. Please email a summary of your news (this need be no longer than 100 words) along with a picture to sophiedawson@rhs.org.uk specifying which topic you are covering.
We are hoping to gather as many stories as possible by the end of July, so please take a moment to scan through the list and get in touch.
In return, we will work throughout the summer and autumn to get as many stories as possible into the media, helping to raise your group’s profile and local impact. Press coverage is an invaluable tool in raising funds and support for your campaigns and we look forward to supporting your endeavours with this PR activity.
Kind regards,
020 7821 3118
1/ Working with your local garden centre / nursery
We’d like to hear from groups who have good working relationships with their local garden centre, e.g. sharing polytunnels; working on-site; buying plants at a discount etc. What are your arrangements and how do they benefit your group and the garden centre?
2/  Bloom/ IYN projects on housing association/ council housing land
Does your group work on grounds run by a housing association or the local council, or are you a housing association working with a local residents’ group? If you’re using the Bloom/ IYN campaigns to improve your green spaces, please send us the details. e.g. a group that’s started a communal garden/ allotment on grounds that were previously neglected/ under-used etc
3/ Supporting disabled gardeners
Does your group support disabled gardeners, or develop activities that make gardening a reality for disabled people. Or are you a gardener with disabilities who works with your local community group? We’d like to hear about your projects and also any charities or organisations that you have approached about funding these projects.
4/ General themes
We are also looking for “in Bloom”, IYN and Affiliated Society stories around the following themes:
a)      Crime / vandalism etc. dropped significantly (inner-city / deprived) e.g. people feel safer in rough area as a result of your group’s activities etc.
b)      Environmental impact, e.g. groups installing green-roofs, converting derelict hard landscapes to green ones, increasing biodiversity etc.
c)      Big Society, e.g. massive community involvement – all ages, races etc. bringing community together, street parties etc.
d)      Quirky, big characters, compelling individuals’ stories, e.g. local volunteer stands up to development plans
e)      Human interest, e.g. couple meets through involvement in the group & invite the whole community to their wedding
f)        Grow your own, e.g. community saving a fortune by eating what they grow
g)      Financial benefits, e.g. more people coming to area, more money coming in etc.
h)      Kids, e.g. setting up and running gardening clubs within your group, teaching children about the environment, science etc.
Sophie Dawson
Community Horticulture Programme Coordinator
Royal Horticultural Society
80 Vincent Square
London SW1P 2PE
t: 020 7821 3118
f: 020 7821 3112
e: sophiedawson@rhs.org.uk

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